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Laurin’s newsletters/blog posts cover various engineering theories as well as design procedures in steel, concrete, and timber and numerous useful practical tips and tools for university. In fact, my interest for learning Overleaf was generated from one of Laurin’s blog posts, as I know I am going to write many reports in my university, Technical University of Munich.
Master Student Civil Engineering, Technical University of Munich.
Whilst looking for information on the design of pad foundations for a solar project, I found Structural Basics. It provided what was almost a one-stop shop for my needs. I spent the best part of 2 days working through the loadings on my system using the website as a guide.
One final question remained. A quick question to Laurin and I had the answer. Not only the answer I sought but further guidance for my project. Excellent in all respects.
I have now directed my son to the resource as a starting point for his house extension. I will follow the developments of this resource closely.
Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
The newsletter is really good. I like the simple drawings and easy to follow instructions. Also, I have found useful research papers/books to research and learn more.
Master Student Civil Engineering
The information is very useful and a big help also for us – non-structural-engineers – to understand things that maybe have been forgotten from school. In my specific case, Laurin’s explanations with a sketch(!) told more than a lot of words. I also appreciated that he helped for free.
Igor Triplat
Mechanical Engineer – I was curious to know how my canopy structure works.
This is one of the best websites for those in structural design starting their careers with the help of structural design standards and national documents for Eurocode 1-8.
Tómas Ellert Tómasson
Structural Engineer, Iceland

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This blog lives and works after Einstein’s quote:

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein.

Structural basics serves this quote.
Breaking down complex or poorly documented calculations in the easiest possible way.

This site and blog was born out of repeated questions or problems to which I or friends did not find simple and quick solutions online.

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